Water : At CMS we specialize in water meter change-out programs and meter retrofitting. Whether itÔÇÖs one component or module upgrades, Commercial or Residential we can accommodate your needs. With a modern engineered drilling machine, we can cut holes of desired diameter thru cast steel, reinforced concrete, or concrete composite lids and covers to accommodate proper endpoint applications when needed. CMS also offers full replacement of components from the City to the customer side lines including box replacements, adding back flow prevention components, and valve replacements.

Gas : At CMS we offer gas meter retrofitting services. Whether multi-faceted or stand-alone gas systems, we can provide the manpower and expertise to implement the desired solution in the timeframe needed to realize the solution benefits as quickly as possible. We also recognize the challenges in deploying small gas systems as well as multi state systems.images

Electric : At CMS we offer residential and commercial electric meter exchange and retrofitting solutions. With management experience of successful completed projects ranging from a few thousand to multi-million meter deployments, we can accommodate any electric project, large or small.
Commercial Meter and Valve Replacement
Water Meter Exchange and Retrofitting
Electric Meter Installation
Gas Meter Retrofitting

Services We Offer

Residential and Commercial Gas Meter Retrofitting Solutions.
At CMS we offer residential and commercial electric meter change out and retrofitting solutions.
Residential and Commercial Water Meter Retrofitting and Change Out Programs.