WELCOME To COMPASS Metering Solutions

Compass Metering Solutions recognizes the importance of the role we play on each and every project we commit to. We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety while maintaining a streamlined integration to the Utility upgrade process. We also recognize that our Field Technicians are the key to the success of each project. This is why we feel that taking care of them, means taking care of our customers. We offer our Technicians the opportunity to learn from seasoned veterans in the implementation field and our executive staff who take a personal approach to every project. With decades of combined experience in AMI and AMR deployments and consulting we feel CMS can accommodate any project large or small. As a vendor neutral service provider, we understand the challenges of multi-faceted project scopes across the spectrum and how to assist in the creation of a successful endpoint solution to the end customer. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference on your Utility System upgrade or maintenance program.



At CMS we offer residential and commercial electric meter change out and retrofitting solutions.


Residential and Commercial Water Meter Retrofitting and Change Out Programs.

Latest NEWS

CMS Nears Start up for West University Place Texas Water Project

CMS has been awarded a contract to change approximately 6200 water meters for the City of West University Texas. The Houston suburb project located near Reliant Stadium is expected to begin in 4-6 weeks. Compass has already taken over the monthly metering reading cycles since last fall and plans to phase out the manual reading as the project progresses.

CMS Awarded Nocona Texas Project

Once again Compass Metering Solutions moves a step further with an award for approximately 1700 meters to be completed for the City of Nocona Texas. The project is proceeded by a survey project to outline materials or work needed during the primary exchange. The Survey is nearing completion, meters have arrived at the city, and the project expects to begin within the next couple of weeks.

Compass Metering Solutions Kicks off FPL Commercial Electric Project

After months of planning CMS has begun the Florida Power and Light Commercial Electric Project. CMS management expects to maintain on-time and on-schedule performance thru-out the duration of the project. The first phase of the project will begin in South Broward County and move north to West Palm County working from the Pompano Beach warehouse and staging location.

Compass Metering Solutions Awarded Desoto Tx Water Project

Compass Metering Solutions is proud to announce yet another award for a water meter replacement project for the City of Desoto Texas. The project consist of approximately 3000 water meter and endpoint upgrades. This project will be completed in one phase and is scheduled to start on May 12th 2014.

Compass Metering Solutions wins Bid for Water Upgrade Project in Port Lavaca Texas

Compass Metering Solutions is pleased to announce an award for installation of approximately 5000 water meter and endpoint replacements. The project will be covered in two phases with 2500 meters scheduled to start on April 21st 2014 and the second phase of the remaining 2500 replacements scheduled for October 2014.

Compass Metering Solutions is Awarded FPL Commercial Electric Project

Compass Metering Solutions (CMS) has been awarded a commercial meter project for Honeywell. The project consists of 67,500 commercial meter replacements. The project will start deployment on April 28th and will be completed in 12-14 months. The project will cover the entire Florida Power and Light system. For additional information about Compass Metering Solutions and its partners, please enter the ÔÇ£contact usÔÇØ tab on this site.

New Contract Award for Shamrock Texas

Compass Metering Solutions (CMS) is proud to announce the award of a project with our partner and product supplier Aqua-Metric and Utiliuse. The project is for the city of Shamrock Texas. CMS will provide installation services to complete approximately 1,500 residential and commercial water meter change-outs. CMS will also provide the necessary labor to upgrade meter vaults, meter settings, and valves where needed. The project is expected to take approximately 3 months and will begin immediately.

CMS gains first President/CEO

In August, CMS signed a partnership agreement with Robert(Bob) Asmondy to become the company's first President/CEO.

Growing CMS into 2014

Currently CMS has seen growth of nearly 300% from 2012 to 2013. CMS expects growth to continue into 2014. Please check back soon to see new contract awards that will be posted in the news section.